Saturday, November 17, 2012

Childhood Hero: Walter Payton

As a child I looked up to no one more then Walter Payton. He played football with an intensity that no one could match. He out worked, out played and out hustled everyone every time he stepped on the field. Most people would think it immature to admire a sports so much, however what I think stood out about him was his work ethic. I try to approach painting with that focus and I try to work as hard as possible. Oil sketch on canvas, 18"x 24".

Thursday, November 8, 2012

# 82 (actually 56)

This commission could be titled The Conversation. This guy makes the best facial expressions and his hands were nonstop the entire time we were chatting. I would highly encourage anyone to have a chat with this guy, it is a conversation you are not likely to forget.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

# 55 Girlfriend- Fiance

Here is a little oil sketch I did of my girlfriend two months ago, since then I proposed and we are now engaged. The big day is December 27th 2012. I am one lucky guy!!!   

#54 Charlie

Little Charlie is one enthusiast little guy. One day he has his football uniform on ready for the gridiron, the next day he has on a headband and a basketball ready to play some hoops, and the next day he has on his swim shorts to follow the path of Michael Phelps. Sometimes it happens all in the same day. This is at the annual 4th of July pool party, a little watermelon and his Duckie. 24"x 24", oil on canvas.