Sunday, November 23, 2014

Poetry in Motion

Capturing someone capture a red sports car. Poetry in Motion, Oil on Canvas, 36"x 48". Available for purchase at the Terzian Gallery.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So it Begins...

Rite of Passage. Life is full of many "starts and stops." We often compare our successes or failures to those who are taking a journey at the same time as we are. To not fall into that type of thinking pattern is very difficult in our culture. I thought about the competitive nature of our society and the feelings that arise when we are about to start a race at the same time as other people, as I painted this piece. The people I really admire, are the ones that are able to look past comparisons and focus on bettering themselves without having to be better than those around them.

So it Begins, Oil on Canvas, 36"x 48". Available at Terzian Galleries.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Silence the Doubters

This painting references back to early adolescence. I was a small kid. As a ninth grader I was often confused with seventh graders, which never felt good. In a photography class I was getting teased for being so short, one kid named Phil Hansen said, "I bet you can't even jump and touch the fire sprinkler on the ceiling." Well I wasn't going to walk away from a dare, so I took two steps and to the surprise of the crowd I jumped and touched the sprinkler hanging down from the 9 1/2 foot ceiling. I had impressed my classmates, but unknowingly set off the fire alarm. I ended up in the Vice Principal's office and she gave me 10 hours detention, which was basically cleaning up trash for two hours after school for a week. Strangely, as I look back, I don't remember any of the punishment, but I will never forget the expression on Phil Hansen's face after proving him wrong.

Silence the Doubters, Oil on Canvas, 40"x40". Sold at Terzian Gallery.