Friday, June 21, 2013

Paul Davis, "SQUINT!"

This guy taught me more about drawing than every other teacher combined. There is not a better draftsman. You will never find a more giving and competent teacher. He is known for stressing the little things and doing each one well. This is a small oil sketch on a 12"x 16" panel of him squinting as he matches a color and value for his next brushstroke. I did this little one in preparation of doing a larger one later on.

If you are interested in learning to draw, look up Paul Davis and go to one of his workshops as soon as you can!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dave Dornan, "Loosen Up!"

This is a little 12"x 16" oil sketch I did of one of my teachers from college. I wanted to try and approach an oil painting the way one would a watercolor painting. It was an interesting experiment. The painting will be in a show this Friday with some great painters here in Utah.