Sunday, August 23, 2009

#15 The Art Critic

A painting of women critiquing the viewer. Love the red.


Candace X. Moore said...

Zachary, Wonderful body of work. Just flipped through your entire blog and enjoyed viewing your recent evolution in style and content. Some really nice work. More please.

davidgoughart said...

You are an incredible draughtsman-thank you for sharing.

Jack said...

Background is good..U got a huge talent with good color sense..keep it going..
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Matt said...


Good to see you a couple weeks ago. Sorry to have missed the early part of the gallery sale! You'll be great at grad school!

I'm proud to have such a talented and good friend!

- Haney

rachel thurston said...

you commented on some family pics I shot of the stokers and I had to say I love your work! I am good friends with mikell. would love to collaborate on a project if you're ever interested.

Dean Grey said...

I love the red too, Zachary!