Monday, January 9, 2012

The Rivalry/ The Holy War

A few months ago some friends and I went to a small cabin to work on some art. I decided I wanted to do a painting of a University of Utah football. That is the subject matter I focused on as a child so I thought I would re-visit those moments of my childhood. A sort of a "what would your 8 year old self paint" if you could travel through time moment.

If you have been to or spent some time here in Utah you are familiar with one of the most heated rivalries in the nation. Growing up here we were consumed by it. Byu was, "the big brother"(as they put it) for a long time but as of late Utah has emerged as the better program winning 7 of the last 10. Go Utes!!! Thanks for a great season.

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Holly A said...

Wow! Maybe we all should try channeling our "inner 8-year-old" more often! Way to go, Zach. So glad I found your blog. I've been enjoying all of the beautiful art here. Keep up the great work! So proud we're related! - Holly