Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stretching Canvas

A painting is pretty simple when looking it from its earliest stages. Behind most paintings is simply a panel or a piece of canvas/linen stretched around some wood.

Here is a stretcher 4 x 6 feet built by a killer Carpenter in Salt Lake City. If you ever need any wood work done he is your guy. Jeff Schroepfer is his name and his number call 801.301.1380. He is not only skilled but also one of the nicest guys I know.

These are the needed tools to effectively stretch a canvas.

I enjoy stretching canvases from time to time, by no means would I like to do it everyday. I do find it a bit zen to reflect on the work you are about to paint. It is a simple task that requires basic knowledge but must be done perfectly or else things will go bad real fast.

If you are looking for REALLY well made canvases, better then any Art Supply store, then contact Charly Snow at 801.870.2103

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Unknown said...

I love to make starching bars because it is the fundamental approach to realize me that i am an artist. how things change with wooden stretcher barsi love and glad to maintain it.