Monday, August 13, 2012

Final Piece for a Thesis Show...

Someone emailed me asking me to put up images of a painting in process. Lately I have been trying different techniques. This is just one way to approach a painting.

On day #1, I started right in the center of the painting with a light sketch and then thicker paint on top of it.

Just like many painters I am using computers and technology to do the paintings I am interested in.

Day# 2, I moved from the central figure to the food on the table.

This was what I had done after the first weekend. Three solid days of painting.

I am not sure at what point this picture was taken. The painting is just about done now. It is a painting of my family eating Sunday dinner and is inspired by, La Cena by Antonio Lopez Garcia, and Norman Rockwell's Freedom From Want. Oil on Canvas, 72"x 72".


inkdup said...

Thanks for the progress shots. Those are really cool. Its so awesome to see the behind the scenes of your art.

Anonymous said...

Love to see the path to creating such an amazing painting! - M. Haney

Ethel Galarza said...

Your art piece surely looks amazing! From the last picture, it certainly looks like a 3d image. I think having this can really be a thesis help for you because the progress just looks amazing! Anyway, did you make only one painting?

Rohit Kaushik said...

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