Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thesis Painting Number Eight

Family Dinner (72"x 72") oil on canvas. This was an interesting painting to work on. I sort of dove in and just started with the center focus of the painting and worked my way out. It is a strange thing to paint the people close to you. As you put brushstrokes down you reflect on the lives of your loved ones and come to see them in a different way. You start to appreciate what beautiful people they are becoming as they make their way through life. These Sunday dinner family moments are what are important in life and yet we seem to move through them without taking a the time to let them soak in. I am pretty sure at the end of my life as I sit with more time to ponder that I will reflect back and crave one of the these dinners and the lively conversations that are shared at my parent's dinner table.

This painting will be hanging for the next few months at the Spring Salon in the Springville Art Museum in Springville Utah. They put on a great show and I invite you all to go.

Day one, after three hours painting.

This is after day two. 

 After ten days of painting.

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