Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Revolution of the Mind"

Lately I have been think about how everything in life can be seen from various perspectives. Living in a country where people often confuse their opinion with truth, we see ongoing debates about "how things should be." When I am painting I often listen to the news. I enjoy listening to both sides of the aisle to see how they choose to spin their versions of the "headlines."

These two paintings have been a personal meditation exercise. One is the vantage point of looking into a riot and the other is looking out. One feels of fire, the other feels like ice. I have noticed that as we look at any one issue, most people want to take a side and "make it right." The next thing I noticed is that people will do almost anything to validate their perspective. What often gets lost in all this nonsense is people losing sight of what is important. They are so focused on "who is is right", and lose sight of "what is right."

Both paintings are oil on canvas and 30"x 40".

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